Friday, October 12, 2007

Words by my Brilliant Friend, Batman

Subject: "The whole world's wild at heart and weird on top..." Lula Fortune in "Wild at Heart"

I hate the nuts on BOTH sides. I’m a firm skeptic when it comes to Conspiracists with an agenda who are as intractable in their self-righteous clinging to an imagined truth as any Republican (I wanna vomit when I encounter people who think they know it ALL). But I’m also a firm believer in the EVIL of the military industrial complex—and the fat old white men “behind the curtain”. Did u see Lynn Cheney with Jon Stewart last night? Man, she is one scary woman. I guess proximity to evil does that. She actually thinks her husband is charming and funny and chock full of honesty and integrity. That’s the worst part. She BELIEVES they’re righteous and good... “One may smile, and smile, and be a villain”. There is NO end to human ignorance.

Not to mention the vast, sluglike, dim-witted, UN-consciousness of the masses—who indeed have ceded control of their minds, bodies and spirits over to the Master Controllers and the slobbering, mindless, selfish greed of their own primitive desires. They keep me in business. Oops. Would that be all of US? Uh oh.

“Zeitgeist” is dead-on in recognizing that WE’RE the ones demanding this shit. Because we’re the ones who’ve let ourselves become placated, medicated, mediated, manipulated, mesmerized and brain-dead. And it would be a kinda cool idea to re-frame our reality—and get with the power we have in nature and our own dark selves... Otherwise, we can continue to live as Baudrillard, one of the modern French philosophers believes, in the artificial existence that our modern, media-saturated lives have become. He called it “Simulacra and Simulation”... and postulated that human experience has been degraded (by all the symbols and signals that tell us how to think, what to feel, and what to do) to a simulation of reality instead of reality itself.

Maybe because I got into manipulating this artificial reality at an early age I’ve always seen it for what it is—while still living in it as we all do. I always felt Rene Magritte brilliantly prognosticated the power of art and media to devalue our connection to reality when he painted “The Treachery Of Images (La trahison des images), which shows a pipe that looks as though it is a model for a tobacco store advertisement. Magritte painted below the pipe, This is not a pipe (Ceci n'est pas une pipe), which seems a contradiction, but is actually true: the painting is not a pipe, it is an image of a pipe!. (In his book, This Is Not a Pipe, French critic Michel Foucault discusses the painting and its paradox.)” In fact, the Surrealists were always my favourite artists in art school. Hmmmm... I wonder what they would have thought about “911”?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

British High Court says "An Inconvenient Truth" contains Nine Inconvnenient UN-truths!

As you know, I'm entirely, unmovably sceptical of Mr. Gore and his marketing machine. His film is very interesting but only as a study on moral suasion and manipulation of the uneducated public's very unrefined sentiments. It has little value in terms of it's goal because it is flawed, skewed and agenda-ridden.

The BBC today reports that "An Inconvenient Truth" contains nine significant errors (I'd say that's a typically British softening of the word "lies.") and that the film cannot be shown to British schoolchildren without being presented with an alternate, balancing view.

Here is a series of articles related to the man and his machine.
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Enjoy and THINK! Just 'cause a big, fat, famous white guy says something is so does not make it so!

On another point - and thanks Dr. M. for pointing this out - do you know that the bible does not make any references, statements or rules about the number of spouses a person can have; nor does it state anything to do with extra marital sex. That stuff was all made up later by some other old fat why guy (or guys, likely) who had political agendas and land holdings they wanted passed on to the sons they had with the women they'd married to increase their land holdings.

Did you know, in the Book of Lists, there is a list of popes who died in the arms of their lovers - male and female?