Monday, September 17, 2007

Global Warming as Per KIng Gore: A Crock If Ever There Was One

Ok people, here's yet more information that throws the Gore juggernaut's perspective into MAJOR question.

The BBC Chanel 4 recently aired The Great Global Warming Swindle.

I've watched this - part of it several times - and among all the points that stick out for me is this one: rises in Co2 levels ALWAYS follow - by HUNDREDS of years - rises in earth temperatures.

FOLLOW. By anywhere from 300 - 800 years.

The last period of VERY warm on the planet was during the medieval era when all the great cathedrals were built. This was also known as a period of great prosperity and wealth. See, when it isn't freezing cold in the winter, people can go outside and build things and do stuff and SPEND MONEY.

The last coldish period - the Little Ice Age - was around 1690 or so, back when people could skate on the very frozen Thames in the winter. During those years, people held winter fairs ON the Thames. That means it was well and properly frozen.

Mr. Gore, when addressing interested, clued in, educated people skims over the "it's a complicated relationship" point he makes about Co2 and how it relates to temperature.

Guess how much Co2 humans account for in the atmosphere - and I mean from cars, breathing, all that....

You're probably not even close if you're above 1%.

.054% something.

The largest contributor?

The Oceans

So what are we to do about those? 'Drain them?

This film addresses all sorts of stuff - all the pet issues used by Gore and his minions.

Where there are corporations (in this case General Electric, which is heavily involved in appliances, lighting and the financial markets; General Motors, etc. etc) you can bet for SURE they don't give a damn about the environment of anything other than their bottom line and their shareholders' profits. Corporations do NOT exist to make the air clean and the soil fresh. If they did, then those corps that manufacture pesticides and such would get out of business. But they don't.

Don't be naive. See this film. Then go see Zeitgeist (previous post).

We in those parts of the world with access to the Internet - uncensored access no less - MUST avail ourselves of other views and other experts. We must NOT jump on bandwagons and buy in to issues because they're presented with gloss and star power.

We must EDUCATE ourselves. Believing everything that's said, promoted or shown on TV or covered on radio is not education. It's capitulation.

Ask questions; question authority and make them be accountable for their facts.

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