Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Just STOP it!

I'm just writing to complain about the use of the words "around" and "myriad."

We do NOT talk "around" issues; that would indicate avoidance of the issue. We do not make comments "around" a subject. We talk ABOUT things and make comments ON things.

JUST STOP IT. Using "around" in those ways indicates a blind buying-in to stupid corporate speak and also shows the speaker has given up speaking correctly in order to somehow belong to some pseudo-intellectual group.

Now. MYRIAD. It is used as a synonym for "MANY." As such, a thing has myriad (or many) uses, not "a myriad of." I realise that there is a school of thought that allows "a myriad of," but it is grammatically incorrect in the same way as Nu-cue-lar or Real-A-tor.

For the record - and PLEASE take note - these words are correctly said as New-Cleee-Are and Real-TOR.

Just 'cause someone 'important' says a word incorrectly, doesn't mean everyone else should act like lemmings and jump off the bad grammar cliff! And just because a bunch of corporate wanks have adopted some weird word usage doesn't mean the rest of us should abandon our education and integrity to jump on their bandwagon!

What really bugs me is when news organisations use these words. Talk about dumbing down. GEEZE. If Nancy Grace says it, YOU should NOT!

Ok. I'm done. For now....

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