Sunday, February 18, 2007


Ok. So I live on a street where there are, in a row, two houses, two duplexes, a halfway house and a daycare.

I've lived here - and I OWN my house - for 20 years this April. The renters have been there 10 years (uses rear parking space) and 1 year (parks on street, despite rear parking spot).

Last weekend, the renter parked in front of my house - yes, it's a public street - and then it snowed 22 cms (that's 10 inches to the rest of you). I think it is RUDE to park in someone else's spot. I park there every day and have for, like I say, 20 years.

I was forced to park in front of my neighbour's house where the snow had built up a lot. Two days later, along comes a chinook and my car was high sided on a snowbank. I had to ask my man to tow me out.

I tried to dig it out and (girl moment) broke two nails in the process; that only matters because this is the first year in 45 that I've ever had long-ish nails past September.

What REALLY pisses me of is that, although it is a city street in front of our house, the neighbour is completely oblivious to the reality that he has a parking spot behind his OWN house and TWO spaces in front!

Is it really too much to ask that people be courtieous and aware? Really.

I'm going to put a sign up in front of my house, on the sidewalk, reading "RESIDENTS AND GUESTS OF 4007 ONLY. ALL OTHERS WILL BE TOWED."

It probably won't work, but I'll feel beter.

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