Friday, January 05, 2007

Bill Maher and all sorts of True Things

Three of my favourite subjects, fat kids, fat people and drugging children, among my other many favourite stupid human tricks, were covered by Bill Maher in a few recent rants.

He and Jon Stewart are the only two on-air personalities who tell the truth about pretty much anything.

About the photo at right , if you think these kids are cute, you're nuts! They're FAT and their parents should be charged with child endangerment. It is NOT funny to have your baby - and that little girl is a baby - weighing as much as a 12 year old. And no, "she won't settle unless I feed her." is NOT an excuse.

It is ABUSE to overfeed your children and make them prone to heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and ridicule.

Here's the video:

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About drugging your kids, don't. If you do, you've bought into Big Pharma's huge experiment and you've made your own babies the guinea pigs.

Most kids who have what the so-called experts call ADD or ADHD (read; teachers who want your kid to sit down and shut up), have what should be called "My parents haven't established any boundaries or rules for me and, at the age of six, I have no clue how to sit still, listen and absorb. Oh, and I'm exhausted too 'cause my mom and dad let me stay up until I fall asleep on the carpet."