Thursday, November 23, 2006

I just wanna know...

Just wanna know something: Why is this 17 year old kid at the funeral of his best friend?

Why is he in a wheelchair and why does he have a cracked pelvis and sternum?

Why is his other friend, Mike Hagar, still in a coma?

Why is their friend, Connor, dead?


It is alledged that a 24 year old guy, drank a lot and then decided to get into his truck and drive. During his drunken drive, he careened through a red light and slammed into the driver's side of Connor's car, killing Connor and slamming Mike and John into the hard, broken, twisted metal of what was left of Connor's car. It took the medics over an hour to extricate Connor from the mashed wreck of his car.

Mike is my daughter's best guy friend. He's still in a coma and it's been nearly a week. John has been released from hosptial into the hell that will be his life until he somehow finds a way to understand the sensless killing of his friend by a guy who lives in a city where there are zillions of cabs and where the police would have driven him home for free.

Honour for Connor.

Don't drink and drive.

This CAN happen to you.

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