Monday, December 17, 2012

Sandy Hook Conecticut: The faithful blame the victims and give free ride to their odius "god."

It is a despicable thing to say, that a killer took these children because "god" is not allowed in schools.

Such an allegation blames the victims for being in such a place; it blames legislators for making schools places of equality - because not everyone believes the same thing, the same version of the thing or the thing at all; and in north America, we are guaranteed equality in our schools and courts regardless of belief or not.

But worse, such an odious suggestion ignores that many of these children come from christian families; is this 'god' so capricious that the second people leave their "christian" homes, they are fair game?

And worse yet, such an appalling sentiment gives free ride to a "god" alleged to have created all things - humans, guns and mental illness included; to be all powerful, and so able to stop such events; all-knowing and so having foreknowledge that this young man would have significant mental illness, an illness 'created' by such a 'god;' that his mother would buy guns and train herself (to no avail) and her son to use them; and this "god" would have known that this sick young man would use the guns to kill those 27 people but did nothing at all. Is this "god" powerless? Vengeful? Impotent? Malicious?

THIS is the "god" people wish (I use that word on purpose!) to have brought back into the very schools; his "god" so malfeasant and malevolent that it will refuse to acknowledge, let alone act on it's own creations to stop them from murdering children?

It would serve people well to remember - if they are so gullible to believe the story of a 600 year-old man and all the worlds animals on a wooden boat for a year - that this "god," who supposedly gave his "creations" free will, took great offence to the use of that free will and drowned every being on the planet, with the exception of said 600 year-old man - a drunk by all accounts.

This "loving god" STILL opposes free will by this edict: you may well have free will but if you exercise it, you will burn for ever and ever. In any other context, such would be criminal coercion but this "god" gets a free ride.


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