Friday, September 02, 2011

So, I learned a thing or two today...

1. One's tone of voice impacts how a READER perceives the tone of a question... a written question....

2. Christians are defensive and will make the most general comments about them....

As evidence:
" It can be when the tone is mocking. Its not a question when you are "pointing out realities". For some people, this is a part of their reality, and whether you believe their view of reality to be true or not, that needs to be honored. 
 (OK, WHY should I or anyone honour - HONOUR - another person's reality??? Humans would be sucked into a vortex of honour; everyone has their own perception of reality! Good grief....)

(The question in question was WRITTEN; hence, no tone of voice - no 'mocking' can be heard. This writer is inferring based on his insecurities.... Full disclosure; he's a youth pastor.... whose dad consumed - when I knew him - a lot of porn...). 

Its not a question when you consider those who think rationally different from those who don't. 
 (I know. That is not a complete thought or sentence....)

There are lots of religious people who think rationally. (yes... except about religion)

It's not a question when the "question" makes others feel small. 
(Ah, yea it is; the feeling small part comes from not having a good or rational answer)

Perhaps those within religion have made you feel small and insignificant and that's why you attack (question?) it with such vigor. 

 (Ah, there it is: the veiled insult in the form of 'something obviously happened to you.')

There is a difference between an opinion and a question. (yes, there sure is) I respect yours, (my WHAT? My opinion? My question?) as a rational, thinking human being. 

I hope the same courtesy can be given to me." (OK, but this isn't about you!)

What prompted this soliloquy? My Facebook post that "Progressive Christianity" is an oxymoron.

Seriously, religious people, you TOTALLY give away your insecurity when you take general comments and observations personally. If you're SURE of your beliefs and your dogma, why are you so very fragile in the face of questions? AND, if your stuff is really that convincing and great, why, rather than taking the much-proffered opportunities to prove your point, do you resort to the defensive stance? 

It's weak. And unconvincing.

But you're not really convinced either, are you?..... 

I wish you wouldn't make it so easy and so fun to poke holes in all of it.... 

This one's for Rob..

My English nephew, Rob, was with us for several months last year. He thinks Canadians have weird customs.

Washing computer keyboards in the dishwasher was definitely up there on the list...

I won a mug!