Tuesday, June 29, 2010

God is Imaginary

Just got this great blog via Twtter, which is now if first place for where to find out anything, with CBC following behind....

God Is Imaginary. Some people need to be convinced of this. I don't know why intelligent humans feel the need to live in fear of an invisible 'guy' and why they think that stuff written by very unscientific, untravelled tribesmen 2000 years ago is a relevant way to live a modern life, but need they do.

I will assert - with proof if necessary - however, that most religious people know very little about what they say they believe, know almost nothing about their religious texts (I'm referring mostly to the christian bible here, having little experience with the Q'ran, but that too because it is ALSO crap), and have no answers for the questions us supposedly uneducated atheists/humanists/free-thinkers put to them. Except that most of us can quote their bible at them until their empty heads spin....

This really fun blog does exactly that; it quotes directly from the christian bible and then points out exactly how the christians themselves prove their 'god' does not exist.

Have fun. If you're sensitive to having the proverbial crap kicked out of what you think you believe, get in there, read and rebutt. But please, take a comfy chair; that's a big ol' corner you're about to paint yourself into.

After you're done reading that stuff, read this so you can know how absolutely terrifying christian minds are. Shite Fundies Say