Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This is what I've been up to for the last 10 days...

Yeah. here's what we did:

On January 12th, Haiti was struck by a huge and devastating earthquake. In another, wealthier country, such a quake would be equally terrible, but there would be the offsetting hope for quick rebuilding.

In Haiti, this will not be the case. Thanks to a devastatingly poor and under-educated population, a dictatorship that has been the puppet of many meddling US administrations, a general lack of technology and access to news and a population that is characterized by illiteracy, Haiti does not have the same hope.

A couple days following the quake, three of my Twitter buddies, Angela MacIsaac, Camilla di Giuseppe and Alex Ruiz, all seasoned media gals, dropped a few tweets about doing 'something.' Five hours later, that something had begun to look like something huge.

Within days, Calgary's Flames Central was on board with a venue; The Calgary Flames, The Calgary Stampeders, The Calgary Hitmen and the Calgary Roughnecks had all stepped up with offers of help, merchandise and donations. A day later the donations started to roll in - at a rate of about 60 emails a day - filling my inbox to the brim.

10 days later, my guest bedroom is packed with donations of all types: art, photos, team jerseys, gift certificates that range in value from $1000 to $4000 (that, thanks to WestJet, Canada's favourite airline). Oh, and yeah, that other one: a $15,000 travel package with return flights... yeah.

If you're in Calgary, Thursday night is your night to get on board, support this event and help the people of Haiti.

We can't fix what happened in that country but we CAN make a dent in it.

YYC4Haiti. Be there.