Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Meanwhile, in the offices of the most corrupt government in the world...

The truth will out.....
IF it is a reality, global warming can't flood the US fast enough - too bad the seat of what that country calls a government is too far inland to be drowned but maybe all the truck-traffic across the boarder between Canada and the US has created a ditch  (trucks sitting waiting long hours having caused the ground to collapse a bit) so that when Mr. Gore's sea levels actually rise, there'll be a WIDE waterway between us and them.... because they so seriously suck.

If you weren't sure how terrified the US is of any of its disgusting, corrupt, subversive, coercive classified information getting out, please see their treatment of Julian Assange for reference. Also note that Assange, who has, granted, leaked embarrassing stuff, is not the only leaker and hasn't leaked the most embarrassing stuff - Blackwater, etc., etc., and now this....

No matter that leaking information is a time-honoured journalistic tradition, it's only ok until one managed to acquire information that is too close to the rotted bone.

I hope that Assange, who is weird and who is a megalomaniac and who does alienate people, hasn't alienated everyone around him to the point that whatever else he's sitting on - and whatever it is that the US is so terrified will become public - doesn't become public.

I wish and hope and cross my fingers behind my back that Wikileaks and/or OpenLeaks will come across the information about 9/11 and what actually happened that day - whatever it is that happened - and about what happened in London on July 7th (the following year or so?).

The attached link (click the post's title to go there) is only one of the items that winds up on Wikileaks. Of COURSE the US government does not want the public to know its soldiers are raping boys - even if such rape is an accepted tradition! 

Humans totally, totally suck.

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