Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dear US of A; Julian Assange is only a tiny bit of your problem. The fraudulent Federal Researve? Yeah. That's a biggie....


Just go read it all. I have nothing to add that I haven't already said.

The US is a huge, fraudulent corporation that assists other huge, fraudulent organisations to function. Democracy is an absolute myth.

They may be trying everything they can do to discredit Julian Assange at the moment but none of it will stick; none can stick. The reason is that as long as information is free and easily tranferable, by email, or fax or MSN messenger or Iphone or whatever instant communications method one choses, every bit of information will eventually come to light.

It isn't like the old days when stuff was only on paper and paper was behind locked doors.

I hope in my lifetime - no; in the next 10 years - to finally have the truth of Pearl Harbour and Vietnam released and that the bloody plots that were teh Oklahoma bombing, everything to do with 9/11 and those staged attacks in London and Madrid - will all be exposed as the false-flag events they surely are.

Fine, call me a conspiricist. Fine. Just don't go "geeze, wow" down the road when you finally wake up and realise that all plane crashes leave huge debris fields (except at the Pentagon and in US fields, apparently) and there's no way three buildings fall straight down into their own footprints, all on the same day, despite, in two cases, being designed specifically to withstand ANY type of crash/attack.

Bloody hell people are so gullible!

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