Sunday, July 18, 2010

The bikepaths and walking paths: Hazardous due to dummies: Update

So, today, @6foot4design and I did a 60K loop around our city's south-end bike paths. Along the way, we encountered many well-mannered pathway users; a few people who were obviously new to the system; some whose parents never informed them that, in North America, we walk to the right (and some who didn't know which was their right); and a sprinkling of astounding idiots.

Yes, folks, amazing as it might be, the city's bike/walking-path users have not all read my previous blog or, if they did, they did not heed the part where they were to stay off the paths if they didn't agree with my rules.

Case in point, a chavy blond (this would mean over-done, takes-herself-for-jersey-shore type) who chastised US when we nearly crushed her tiny, unleashed, hard to see black dog that ran onto the path in front of us... Us: 20k... dog: oblivious; her? FACKING stupid.

I shall say it again, in support of the newly installed signage, complete with RED STOPLIGHT and "NEW" in bold peppering every entrance to the pathway: YOUR DOG MUST BE ON A LEASH ON THIS BIKE PATH.

Except that I love dogs, I almost wish I'd hit it, just to prove a point. But that would be mean. There's some poor man out there who, when he is finally bored by screwing that bimbo, is going to realise just what an immense chavy bimbo she is....

Dudes: If your woman won't take care of her little dog by making sure it is safe from being hit by speeding bikes on the BIKE PATHS, she's stupid. Move on; save yourself the divorce costs....

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