Monday, January 04, 2010

About a Boy on a Plane

Are we disgusted yet? Are we, the non-US, international community not done with the US telling travellers all over the planet how and when to travel?

And are we not done with the wimp-assed idiot who pretends to be the Canadian PM? Don't even get me started....

I hereby will probably never go near the US ever again. I totally hate that country's politics and I detest how it throws its weight around the international community and I HATE it that they elected a man who, left to actually govern, would probably be a really great President but who was elected to put a very acceptable face on the continued reign of terror coming from INSIDE that nation.

The previous US administration has turned terrifying its country's people into an industry and it seems that the current administration either cannot or is unwilling to put an end to that.

There is NO basis for this level of fear and scrutiny. One has more likelihood of drowning in a bathtub - or being shot by a carjacker (much higher in that case) - in the US than one has of encountering a 'terrorist.'

As for this young man, his father called and made it clear the boy should not be allowed on the aircraft. I understand the young man was in possession of a valid visa but did NOT have a passport and was still allowed aboard. The media has not mentioned (nor researched, or even noticed?) who accompanied this young man and managed to convince security on the departure end to let the boy aboard.

The US government's security wing has been pushing for full body scanners for ages. The public has been vocally opposed due to the fact that the scanner virtually strips a person. As such, an event was needed to convince the public to accept such scanners.

These events, called false flag events, are commonly used to sway public opinion. There is much evidence such events are very, very commonly used, particularly in the US.

As for the 'explosives' this young man had on his person, the chemical in question can be used with other components as an explosive, yes; but it is also a component of certain heart medications. The young man did not have enough chemical on his person to blow off his own socks.

Sadly, citizens of the US have had their security and patriotism used very much against them and they are not educated enough to know, nor are they interested in knowing. They have been taught to fear outsiders - and that includes Canadians because Canada, according to certain US politicians, lets the terrorists over the boarders - and to believe they and their country are constantly under code-red status.

The terrorists have utterly won where it comes to security in the US. The terrorists are none other than the US Security system and the current US government that supports - encourages - this pathological xenophobia. US citizens are prisoners in their own country.

As it turns out, Steven King, the author, is somewhat of a prophet. See:
The Stand
Under the Dome.

I cannot imagine under what circumstances one would NEED to got to the US. Given one can work remotely and there are phones and Skype and the like, having to actually go anywhere near the US is unnecessary.

The international community - travellers in particular - should boycott any travel to or over or near the US. There are a million other places to go to visit or work. Let the US have its dome; let it have its pathology and let its government scare its citizens into cowering submission. The rest of the world is not in any way obliged to play.

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