Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Who Put The Swine in Swine Flu?

I spoke today to a VERY reliable source regarding the current national push to have everyone vaccinated against H1N1.

Some points to consider: if you've done even the most rudimentary research, you will know
  • that a vaccination this year protects you against whatever you've just been stuck for - but not until next year.
  • That a vaccination got while you're already sick or if you've been exposed is moot: your body is going to develop antibodies due to exposure/sickness; the vaccine isn't going to do a thing
  • Any vaccination is a possible prevention, NOT a cure.
What you may not know - and this is from my source and corroborated by a media hack who spoke off the record - is that the media has been pushing this 'issue' for eyes - meaning it's been an excellent way to get readers, viewers and listeners.

You may not also know that the current batch of Tamiflu that's been shilled via media-created panic has a best before date of 2010. Yes, folks you read that right. Best Before.

What that means is that the makers of Tamiflu must get rid of their stocks before the vaccine passes that date or they lose money. Profit.They'll have to chuck it all in the bin and Big Pharma does not like to waste (...their money. The shareholders hate that.Yours? Yeah, they're all over that).

So, if you're Big Pharma with a lot of profit to potentially lose, what better way to make sure that doesn't happen than to take advantage of a very in-trouble media by encouraging them to incite panic, leading you, Joe and Josephine Canada and you, Joe the Plumber, to tear off to the nearest long lineup of potentially ill people, where you wait for a nearly expired dose of vaccine that won't protect you from anything this year.

The other thing you must do is make sure you have the governments on side - because they're who's paying for us Canadians to partake - and to make sure said government takes all responsibility for any outfall a la 1976.

History: in 1976, the makers of Tamiflu had done their 15 - 20 years of lab testing and now needed mass human trials of a vaccine they were pretty sure was safe. Usher in scary new term - Swine Flu - and yes, media-induced panic and voila, sheep, disguised as people rushing off to get stuck. In the US about 300 people died from the flu - pretty average and something that happens every year. But in 1976, over 4000 people in the US launched lawsuits on their own behalf because they'd become debilitatingly ill from the vaccine, or on behalf of their family members, who couldn't do it themselves - because they had died from the vaccine.

Speed forward to 2006 and the makers of Tamiflu are stockpiling in anticipation of an outbreak, which didn't happen.... speed forward to early 2009 and Big Pharma's becoming desperate to get rid of their soon-to-expire stocks. Losing money is NOT Big Pharma's gig and certainly not in the midst of a recession....

Today at about 10:00 a.m., CBC Radio Calgary ran an interview with a doc who stated that "H1N1 is not even as virulent as the regular seasonal flu.".... Really. Hmmm...

Getting the picture?

Both Health Canada and Alberta Health Region have some suggestions for keeping yourself healthy: wash your hands often and use sanitiser; keep your hands away from your nose, eyes and mouth; cough into your sleeve to prevent the spread of airborne particles; stay away from large crowds; stay home if you're not feeling well. And last on the list? "CONSIDER" vaccination.

If, after reading this, you realise that you are one of those sheep disguised as people, you may be cured by passing this article on.

Many thanks to for their great photo. Please have a look at the video on their site: it's called "Doctor Admits the Vaccine is More Dangerous than Swine Flu

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Vaccinating Mount Royal

Vaccinating Mount Royal