Monday, December 28, 2009

Because I Really MUST Know...

I was given the gift of a really great book this holiday. It's called "In My Humble Opinion; A Journal to Vent About Why People are Like That..." My mother gave it to me. Is it possible she has finally woken up to 1. I am super opinionated; 2. I'm the heathen's heathen?

You will surely be howling at the moment, thinking what an excellent book this is for me. It's a collection of quotes by famous people about how stupid other people are and why it is such shite to have to put up with 90% of the population. I could have written most of the quotes.

Fortunately, the book's editors have situated the quotes in colourful displays on the left page and have provided (me?) blank lines beckoning me to write on the right. Know know I'm gonna.

The publisher is KnockKnock in Venice CA if you're curious.

I've read most of the quotes in the book, but not all, so am not sure whether the issue of idiots who don't use their car's indicator - signal if you're in North America - may have been brought up (apologies to those who can't because they're missing both their arms or something). But it won't be discussed unless you contribute.

But I MUST know.

WHY don't you signal?


The indicator is right there, not 1/2 an inch from your left-hand pinky. The indicator provides such a simple, obvious solution to "How do I make sure people behind me know my intentions."

So this blog post is an open forum for all of you to tell me - and my readers - why you don't or won't signal.

Please contribute. It will be cathartic.

Of course, be anonymous. I don't need to know who you are. I just simply MUST understand why people don't signal. Seriously. This really, really, really bugs me so I figure if I can at least understand why people don't do it - and perhaps read the occasional rational reason one ignores such a simple, effective thing as signalling, the entire thing will bug me so much less. I hope.

The art on this page is from Local Girl's Day in Pictures, a hilarious blog with even more hilarious illustrations. It's a must read, so please do yourself - and Local Girl - the favour of visiting.

Also, please forward this blog to anyone you know is an 'infractor' of the non-signalling type. Tell 'em it's market research. Please.

Oh. And once you've posted, please consider that act as an act of contrition and of renewal and promise, from this day forth, to acknowledge that you are not, in any way even closely resembling a fact, alone on the road, more special than other drivers and that you will signal forever and ever, until death or age or bankruptcy separates you from your vehicle.



  1. Many Calgarians don't use their turn signals because the transportation they're familiar with don't have turn signals (ie donkeys, horse-drawn carts). This is also the reason for the traffic chaos in the wintertime - a large percentage of drivers have never seen snow before let alone mastered driving in it.

  2. It seems to me that people who don't use turning signals are either totally distracted by cellular devices or totally lazy. Either way, I find this behavior completely annoying and would like to b*tchslap each driver I catch in a non-signaling state of driving. You'd think we were in Quebec or something.

  3. Because driving 20-25 km/hr below the speed limit in the centre lane of a three-lane road, such as MacLeod Trail, takes every bit of energy and concentration they can muster. There's no room in their tiny brains to think about using a turn signal.

  4. hahaha - I forgot about all those Calgarians driving with a death-grip on the wheel *yet another excuse for failing to signal*

  5. what about signaling when you are on a bike too ? will you write a next post about the stop signs/lines ? :-)

  6. It is elementary why they do not use their signals. They are being responsible to the environment and conserving the indicator bulb or LED power. Every little bit helps.

  7. oh god... stop signs.... WHEN did it become optional to stop???

    Oh, and yeah, right turns on red lights: This IS allowed in Alberta. HOWEVER, you must still STOP, CHECK LEFT and proceed when safe.

    Cutting off drivers who have the green light is NOT allowed and establishes the perpetrator as a massive idiot.


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