Monday, November 23, 2009

Today, CBC Radio Calgary ran an item from New York on the 1:00 Calgary news (radio). Colleen Underwood's newscast ran a piece wherein the speaker reported that C02 is the highest ever and rising rapidly.

This is patently false.

MANY reliable research sources show extensive information on periods in history (we're talking in the last 1000 years) when geological and ice research shows points when C02 concentrations were some 20 times the levels they are now.

Notably, the last time atmospheric C02 was at high levels corresponded with a period of sustained economic and intellectual growth - evidence of which is cathedrals (and other buildings of course) throughout Europe and the UK.

This planet is currently coming out of a short, mini-ice age, in reality.

If CBC is going to continue reporting on global 'warming' will it PLEASE insert some balance in the form of alternative but as important research.

In particular, perhaps CBC could consult with any of Christopher Moncton, who spoke at the Calgary Chamber last month and who was instrumental for four years in Margaret Thatcher's government; or CBC might consult with Dr. Ian Clark, University of Ottawa. His reply to my email question is HERE. I note that little ol' me was able to contact him, ask a question and get a coherent answer, so CBC must also be able to, armed with resources as they are.

There are many, many other resources. ALL MUST be considered if we are to have a non-corporate/politic-driven comprehension of when, why and how the planet warms and cools.

Humans are responsible for approximately POINT 61 percent of C02 in the atmosphere. Also to note, unless China and India are on board in a SIGNIFICANT way, the entire rest of the world can live naked in unheated shacks and spear their own food and it will make absolutely NO difference at all to atmospheric C02 concentrations.

Even if we in the 'first' world ceased driving all together, if we continue to eat animals at the rate we do, whatever atmospheric issues we have will not be even remotely affected - the way the 'first' world manages livestock for food is dirty, polluting, unsustainable and far worse than whatever vehicles are.

CO2 is NOT the big baddie it's been made out to be.

Water vapour is a FAR more interesting question and unless we intend to drain the oceans, which cover 80% of the earth's surface, we cannot, cannot, rhetoric and scare tactics aside, alter anything to do with planetary warming or cooling.

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