Tuesday, June 02, 2009

FINALLY; The mainstream begins to question....

I just want to say how THRILLED I am that the mainstream is beginning to ask questions about 9/11.

Click to hear what an architect has to say:

I also want to say this:

There is NO way that three state-of-the art buildings - all constructed to withstand an endless raft of possible attacks, fires and other damage - all fall straight down into their own footprints on the same day due to a 'terrorist' attack. NO way.

There is no way that a man in a cave had access to Thermite of any kind.

Jet fuel does not burn hot enough to melt steel.

A 757 CANNOT hit a building, leave only a 16 foot hole, utterly disintegrate but leave enough biological matter to identify passengers by their fingerprints. THAT could NOT have happened.

There was no plane and there were no bodies, seats, debris, suitcases or parts of any aircraft in the field at Shanksville. THAT event did NOT happen.

Many people have accused me of wearing a tinfoil hat (meaning I'm a weird conspiracist). Well, I'd rather wear tin foil than choose the blindness the US government has perpetrated on its people.

9/11 is the most significant false flag incident in the last 50 years. The other two were Tonkin and Pearl Harbour. Both of those incidents were designed to get the US voting public on board with wars - Vietnam and WWII. Both those false flag incidents were highly successful - assuming you're ok with killing millions of people for profit.

9/11 is no different.


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