Saturday, January 24, 2009

The End of Racisim?

What will change for Americans now that their President has more melanin in his skin?


For how many years have we humans allowed political, social and church policy to be dictated by the amount of melanine in skin?

When put that way, is it not outrageous?? What if those policies had been based on eye colour? Eyes, like skin, are an organ of the body; how bizarre it would be were policies - the idea of equality - based on eye colour. It is no different where it comes to skin.

In 1968, the day after Dr. ML King was killed, teacher Jane Elliott demonstrated the utterly fatal flaw of “race” based thinking. See this PBS documentary:

A Class Divided.

It should be noted that Jane Elliot, the teacher who developed this 'experiment' exposed a bunch of 10 year olds to the fundamental stupidity of racism and by that garnered the hate and anger of the entire adult community around her.....
The kids got it. The adults? Not so much...

The term “race” is first of all utterly baseless. The genetic markers that make us human - and the mitochondrial DNA markers that link us - are not specific to skin colour. By that reality, ‘race’ is a polictical construct designed to divide, conquor and subjugate us, people of the human race.

If reliance on the colour of skin as a means of judgement and separation has finally passed out of fashion, we can only say how sad is it that such a stupid division ever existed and question ourselves as to why we allowed those who purport to lead us to take advantage of such a false premise for so long.

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