Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire... or maybe your house?

I read Digg every day because it is a perfect confluence of interesting news, political stuff (always US, but hey, that's always a trip) and the truth about scientology and other stuff....

Today I found this fantastic, hilarious article on Ron Hubbard, who was probably one of the most deluded, egomaniacal people ever known to man. He was in great company though, providing you count Jim Jones and others like him to be 'good' company.

There seems to be something about combining egomaniacal personality with a (limited in this case) ability to write and a really, really interesting 'reality.' The man was certainly nuts and probably schizophrenic. He certainly took a lot of drugs and ascribed a LOT of stuff to himself that simply never, ever happened.

How any thinking person can buy in to scientology for anything other than it being a hilarious compilation of crap, is beyond me. Maybe the rumours of predatory legal practices and serious, life-threatening coercion are true.... Maybe it is also true that 99% of actors are seriously screwed up (which is why they 'be' anyone but themselves) and so ripe for being picked to 'join' any 'program' that will help them 'heal.'

In case you're wondering why I don't capitalise the "S" in scientology, it's because the cult deserves no respect, not even a capital letter. So there. My tiny protest.