Friday, November 21, 2008

Still here...

I'm in school... part time but busy all the same... and was in England and Spain... photos coming.

Just want to know a couple things:
Who drops a freezer in a random back yard? Hmmm??? Whilst we were abroad, someone came into my yard - in meaning all the way, a good 60 feet inside the fence - and left a really ugly, rusting 1970s chest freezer on my patio.

Who does that?

The other thing I want to know is why the media is still following Sarah Palin. She's far to stupid for words, although that in itself may be why. The Huffington Post has an article and related clip of Palin giving an interview - with turkeys being slaughtered in the background. Very graphic I hear, although not something I wanted to see.

She either doesn't have handlers or they're out to sabotage her, as they didn't move the shot to a less murderous location....

I'll be back. You know I will.

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