Friday, November 28, 2008

The Liberal Party ...

Needs to stop putting forth bullshit in order to discredit the current government for two reasons: the current government is quite capable of implicating itself and secondly, shit rolls downhill and the liberals are currently at the bottom of the pile, so they're going to be who's rolling in the mess they create by spilling such garbage.

Canada is NOT in a massive economic crisis. Yes, the international chaos is affecting us but it is NOT affecting us to the piont that thousands and thousands are lining up for soup; retailers across the country show the last few months producing the best revenue they've seen in a bunch of years. Calgary's huge Chinook Centre complex said in August it had the highest retail sales numbers in something like 10 years.

As for housing prices, are Canadians seriously so stupid that they fail to notice the value of their homes had risen by ridiculous amounts in the 18 months prior to this adjustment?? Nobody's losing money, unless they sold their house at the peak and then threw their money into the nearest river. Values have definitely dropped. Right back to where they would have been had there not been that bubble.

As for petrol prices, the per-litre cost was so inflated that anyone with a brain knew the prices had been fixed and there was collusion in the oil markets. Anyone with two brain cells could smell how badly that situation stank. C'mon. Petrol is still at least 10cents a litre higher than it should be.

We are NOT in another great depression and to say we are is a dishonour to those who did live through that 10 years.

All of you go watch zeitgeist. If you can't stand to watch the whole thing, then watch the last 40 minutes.

NO financial 'crisis' happens on it's own. All happen with specific, targeted help by certain interested parties.

Scott Brison, who is a financial analyst, should do some digging; his current sources are not very good.

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