Thursday, September 25, 2008

Have you NOT HAD ENOUGH???

I'm in complete shock after speaking with a man who is Canadian but works mostly in the US... he says that in Montana at least, people are still so backward and stupid that they won't consider Barak Obama because of the colour of a body organ!!!

I CANNOT believe that! In 2008? After 8 years of BUSH? With the US economy in complete and utter decay? With Bush selling his FAT, RICH BUDDIES' DEBT BACK TO THE US POPULATION, people are voting based on body organ colour???


DAMN! Americans are WAY stupider than I thought!


For the record, EVERY company that BUSH has ever had any part of running has gone BANKRUPT! Check it out! TRUE! AND the one current company that he and his daddy are still involved with they SHARE WITH THE BIN LADEN family! YES. The Carlyle Group. CHECK IT OUT!

You AMERICANS scare the hell out of the rest of the world! You're uneducated and fixated on your freaking guns and fast food that you have allowed an utter madman to 'lead' your country for eight years AND, because you're so afraid of SKIN, you're considering electing a REPLICA Bush???

Keeeeyyy RISTE!

If there was actually a powerful sky god who listened to the requests of the little people, I would be 'prayin' for an earthquake that would separate the continental US from the rest of the world. Bloody hell.

Click here for a link to Slacker Uprising

And then watch Fareheight 911 and every other film you can get your hands on about how BUSH has screwed over your country!


CLOSE YOUR EYE to skin colour. It means absoultely NOTHING!

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