Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The New Yorker: Awesome Move!

I love this cover! The US population needs nothing more critically than to be confronted, on the cover of a venerated magazine, with their endless, ridiculous prejudices and stereotypes. The illustration includes nods to every stupid, wrong, made up criticism of Senator and Michelle Obama. The US - the powers that be - are terrified of them. They are Kennedy-esque but better (he's not a philandering asshole who kills his lovers).

Maybe throwing all that crap in their collective face will finally wake the complacent, FOX consuming US public that something is very, very wrong with how they see their world and their politics and maybe that cover will piss enough people off that they start asking questions about what they are led to believe by their numbingly coercive, manipulated and manipulative media.

In his article about this cover, Trey Ellis notes that a shirt he saw in France (something to do with a drawing of bush holding a gun to his own head and a caption that says something like kill yourself, save us all) is illegal in the US. The reason it is illegal in the US is that, despite unlimited rhetoric, free speech is a myth in the US. Just ask the Dixie Chicks....

Ellis also suggests Bin Ladin is similar to Hitler, which I suggest is is a MASSIVE disrespectful stretch. IF (and that is a giant, minimally probable IF) Bin Ladin had anything to do with 9/11, the damage done does not, in any way, equal the Holocaust.

For the record, Trey is one of the premiere writers in the US today. He is human enough to be subject to the emotion of this election, and that flaw - being human - is what makes him a wonderful writer.

That aside, however, given the 60 year relationship, via the Carlyle Group, between the Bin Ladin and Bush families, there is little reason to believe Osama Bin Ladin is anything more than a pawn used by a 'government' intent in getting US people to buy in to a false-premise war . The money that has been made by nameable corporations via this illegal, immoral war is probably uncountable, let alone traceable.

The terrorists live in the white house.

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