Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Update: Julie Couillard Interview

Ms. Couillard answers the "who introduced you? question and speaks to the biker affiliations of her two previous relationships.

This woman was a realtor - and still holds an active license, she says.

As for how she met Bernier, she says she was approached by someone in politics about running for office. She was invited to a dinner and was told a minister would be present at that event, a minister whose brains she could pick about her possible entry into politics. That minister was Maxime Bernier.

There is an interesting moment at this point in the interview when she says that Bernier sat with her throughout the dinner and that, after dinner, she accompanied him back to his hotel, ostensibly for one more drink in the hotel bar. It seems quite odd that she would go back to the hotel of a relative stranger who is also a very public figure. That does not add up.

There's a second interesting moment where she almost uses the word "intimate," and gets the "in... " part out of her mouth but then changes her course. She's describing the first month of her relationship with Bernier.

I am probably quite naive on this subject, but I would say that a realtor with no political background would not usually be approached for office in national politics. Civic certainly; provincial conceivably but national? it's a stretch.

She says her background and her biker gang connections, which she describes as loose, were common knowledge and that nobody had a problem with it although she was alternately evasive and overly dismissive of her affiliations and those of her 'friends.'

That her background was not an issue is an unlikely possibility. Certainly her background was known, but also certainly that background would normally have precluded an invitation to political life. If her her affiliation with criminals is a problem now, it was a problem then, unless it was a useful detail for future use. It all smells like a setup.

Her anwers to many questions in this interview are evasive. She uses the term 'they' over often and the interviewer not once asks her "Who is 'they?'" nor does he ask her why she didn't just call Bernier to come pick up his documents. Watch the interview with the sound muted... body language is quite telling.

This 'scandal' is an engineered event. I suspect that this spectacle is a less damaging replacement for something else - perhaps relating to those leaked documents and the NAFTA-gate issue: better this minister is disgraced for something relatively minor than he - and the Conservative government - be exposed for something potentially far more damaging. The bottom line is that Bernier was a liability. Why, one can only speculate, but a liability that needed an expedient, effective solution.

Link to the interview here

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