Friday, May 02, 2008

But Anyway, Global Warming is soooo Last Year! What about the Price of Rice and Wheat!??

This is an excerpt from an email I just got from my brilliant, well-read friend, Dr.H., who is waaaay smarter than I'll ever be and reads about a hundred books a week.

Last year, Dr. H sent me a great piece called Save the Planet, Drive an Edsel. This week,
I sent him a little tidbit about last year's news, Global Warming, and he sent me back this delicious analysis.

"... At the end of the day the CO2 debate is pretty well over.... There was still a debate [back in 2006] but in 2007 the walls came crashing down on the CO2ers. Their champions like Gore and Suzuki headed for cover and have refused to talk to anyone since.

The globalists and the media still act as if the idea still has legs and the governments still throw a little money that way; but there are no CO2ers ready to come out and debate the real scientists and historians and Al Gore's electric bill is still higher than the national poverty line.

So, the crisis du jour this year seems to be rising food prices and people starving in Africa. There is probably some truth to this but I doubt that it has much to do with the price of wheat.

A bushel of wheat weighs 60 lbs so one bushel will make 60 loaves of bread. At $3.00 a bushel the wheat in a loaf of bread costs 5cents. If the cost of wheat doubles the cost of a loaf of bread goes up 5 cents. If the price quadruples; a loaf of bread goes up 15 cents. Big deal! However, the cost of shipping grain half way round the world is a different story.

Africa used to be self sufficient in food, so, what went wrong? It looks like the Globalists goofed again! The trouble is, when these elitist geniuses screw up; innocent people suffer and die.

It seems that since the cold war ended; the Globalist media always needs to have a "The sky is falling " type of crisis that the government can appear to be fixing.

But unlike Y2K, bird flu, and global warming; this problem probably could use some fixing.

There is actually a simple connection between the CO2 gang that conveniently disappeared about a year ago and the severe food shortages that we are seeing today. The food shortages are largely due to the use of a lot of corn and other grains for ethanol. This idea was concocted mainly to please the Global Warming lobby groups lead by Gore and Suzuki.

If either of these clowns can be cornered into a meaningful symposium with real scientists with the opposing point of view; then they will have two challenges.
  • First they must prove that their theory has any merit at all; which it does not. This leads to the second problem which is :
  • What are they going to do about the starving and dying people who are the innocent victims of their bad advice.
They have good reason to disappear. They are just getting in deeper and deeper. "

I know! Smart hey?

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