Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How Mrs. Clinton lies and Obscures Truth

I just want to make two brief comments here.

About a month ago, Steven Harper's Chief of Staff, Ian Brodie is alleged to have made an off record, off camera comment about a call the PMO had received from the CLINTON campaign office.

It seems, as a campaign plank, Clinton has been making comments about how she'd alter the existing NAFTA agreement between Canada and the US.

However, the call from HER campaign office related the comments amounted to nothing more than politiking and were essentially baseless in reality. This issue was covered in MacLean's Magazine in early March and has since grown to epic proportions.

What rankles the hell out of me is this:
  • Firstly, the call originated from Clinton campaign office. That is an established fact. Period.
  • Secondly, the Clinton campaign has lately blamed that call on the Obama campaign and has recently gone to great lengths to use their own duplicitous, liar politics against Obama. It is disgusting.
  • Finally and critically, the media, in particular CBC is complicit in this lie.
I personally know Brodie. In my opinion, there's no way he'd make comments that frustrate politics in another country unless he has become a very different person since he left his teaching posts.

The other issue is Mrs. Clinton's constant haranguing of Obama over his long relationship with "Reverend" White. Obama has distanced himself from this man and is very likely about to do that again and with prejudice, due to the ridiculous press conference Rv. White gave yesterday at the National Press Gallery.

Mrs. Clinton has been exposed time and time again as a liar and this situation will give her yet more opportunities to make up a life she does not lead. Here's why: during her husband's Lewinsky phase, or when it was forcibly ended by his being caught, the CLINTON spiritual advisor was none other than the Rv. White. Yes. that's right. In the White house.

Why anyone in the US is considering casting anything other than a stone at this woman is beyond me.

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