Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Y'know what really bugs me?

When dairy producers and grocery stores collude to rip me off!

A quick check of the dairly aisle revealed that a pound of butter is near the $5 mark! That is outrageous!

1 litre of 35% milkfat cream is $2.79. Guess what!?

I make my own butter people.

Get that cream, put it in a 2 litre pitcher that you can seal off properly - something with a wide mouth. I use a juice pitcher with a tight fitting lid and I put a sheet of saran wrap over the top before I put the lid on. The Tupperware version at right here is a great choice but anything that is similar will do. It just has to be a bigger volume than the 1 litre, so anything 1.5 litres up to 2 litres will do just fine.

Hold on tight and shake the cream for about 10 minutes. First, it will get all thick - basically whipped cream. Then it will separate and you'll get a pound of butter and two cups of buttermilk. If the cream is close to room temp, this works faster.

Drain the buttermilk back into the original carton (and relable it so you don't forget what it is. Then, give the butter a good nashing with a fork to get out the remaining buttermilk. Add a 1/2 tsp or so of salt and a good pinch of sugar.

The buttermilk can go to making really excellent bread or really awesome overnight bran muffins or pancakes. My mom drinks the stuff but I find it a bit sour.

Anyway, for$2.79 CDN you get what you'd otherwise pay over $7.00 and all it will cost you extra is the ten minutes it takes to shake the butter out and wash the jug.

This is my personal shopping anarchy.

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