Monday, November 05, 2007

Sanity or something like it....

The most incredibly frustrating thing in the world is to stand by and watch a perfectly normal, intelligent, educated person do the same thing over and over, getting the same results again and again, all the while absolutely ignoring the obvious: If you do A and B happens and B really, really sucks, do not repeat A. Contantly repeating A will not get you better B results because B is determined by A.

There is only one worse thing than B, but B will eventually lead to that worse thing. It isn't a matter of maybe. It is a matter of WHEN.

I personally know three people who were the victims of people who believed they were so FUCKING SMART that they could engage in A and beat the odds.

They didn't beat the odds. They KILLED people.

My cousin's boyfriend, who was killed in a head on crash, with my cousin sitting right beside him, caused by an IDIOT who engaged in A, got B a LOT of times and finally killed someone.

Another person who engaged in A and then killed their own spouse because B lead to them hitting the back of a parked car - while doing 80 on a city street.

My daughter's great friend Connor, who was killed by a person who engaged in A as often as possible, getting increasingly bad B results, being prosecuted SEVEN TIMES, finally ending up, killing Connor.

Oh yeah... said FUCKING A engager also permanently maimed my daughter's other friend - including permanently preventing this friend from laughing or crying ever again.

It is the definition of INSANITY to do the same stupid, avoidable thing over and over and expect different results. If A = a shitty, life altering B result, then just STOP.

  • I hearby have no sympathy

  • I hearby lay to rest my respect

  • I hearby lay out a broken heart and a damaged spirit

  • I hearby decree that trust is fragile, easily damaged and irreparable when sacrificed

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