Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Of all the CRAP that passes for news!

OK. I am SERIOUSLY amazed that the sexual orientation of a CHARACTER in CHILDREN'S book has passed for anything even remotely resembling news but more so because this fluffy, stupid filler has had airplay for more than one second.

The US is on the verge of invading Iran and Syria and we're listening to now FIVE DAYS of 'reporting' on the sexual orientation of a made up character in a kids' book?


THIS is how the U.S. manages to lie to it's own population so badly that they believe a CONTROLLED demolition of a national icon was a terrorist attack.

THIS is how the U.S. manages to totally ruin and discredit a man who was actually a pretty darn good politician (Tony Blair).

THIS is how a barely literate, stumbling drunkard manages to 'run' a country.

Because YOU, Joe Public, suck up when ridiculous, absolutely unimportant NON news into the little, squishy brains you are obviously not using.

This madness must stop!

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