Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Utterly Ridiculous.


This is a test for all Christians (or any religious folk) who say that the bible (insert your 'holy book' here) is the true, unedited word of god and that good Christians (or whichever) must adhere to it in every way (girls, why are you cutting your hair and not covering your head then???).

I KNOW you people edit what you follow because if you didn't, you'd be killing people right left and centre because you SAY follow the bible to the T and the bible says you must slay those who blaspheme, cut their hair, eat pig, bla, bla, bla.....

I'm getting hot just reading my own stuff here...illogic in this area just totally sends me over the freaking edge.

If you're one of those who says that the bible is the undeniable, must follow it to the T, word of god, then here, click the link below. And then, I expect all you hardliners to step up and put some teeth in the "word of god" statement. I wanna see you people following EVERY 'word of god,' not cherry picking the stuff you like and ignoring the stuff that doesn't.

IF THIS INFORMATION is wrong, is it possible that a LOT of what's in that old mashup of info is also wrong? Hmm?

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