Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bloody US, Stupid President, Scary Religious Zealots.

Y'know what strikes me as really funny, in that scary ironic way?

How the massively uneducated US (yes, massively uneducated and worse now that their idiot of a president has pulled $75 BILLION OUT of education and healthcare) public freaks out about the fact that Obama attended a Muslim school for two years, starting when he was six, and how they're so fearful of fundamentalists and those who are actually educated in madrasas, but who draw NO comparisons between the state of their country, the absolute lack of separation between church and state, the fact that hundreds of thousands of US children are 'educated' in religious schools, that fact that other-than straight, white people are still marginalised, and the fact that their government is run by a radical christian who is surrounded by uneducated radical christians, educated in 4th grade colleges.

*Go HERE for more on this subject, courtesy of Bill Maher, who is brilliant and honest and cutting and calls Bush names on TV.

What's happened in the US over the last 7 years has caused the most important negative impact on world politics and peace that has ever happened and it is irreparable due to the very serious lack of education in the US. 250Million under or uneducated people voting for assholes like Bush, who is now, but was not previously even legally elected!

Add to that the HUGE push for fundamentalist christians, the impact of liars and nuts like Pat Robertson and Jimmy Swaggart and what you get is a HUGE problem that has a different name but the same problems as radical muslims pose.

Bluntly put, Americans put far too much faith in their stupid president, their ridiculous political system, their subversive, false and manipulative media and in their religious leaders who have PROVEN they have an agenda and that it is not a humanist agenda. How people in the US can allow so-called religious leaders to lie to their children and to let their children go to places like Jesus camp, is beyond me but scary has anything.

If there is a 3rd world war - and the stage was set for it with the Bush Pere administration, the US and its deluded political ego will lead the world into it and will divest itself of all responsibility when it's all said and done and the planet has been devastated.

Yes, the presidency of the idiot will shortly end and yes, possibly there will be a thinking human in that chair after the next election, but the damage that has occurred and many of the most significant swings in public perception will still be there.

Fundamentalists of any stripe are very difficult to convince via facts, because convincing them requires them to go exactly opposite to what they believe and to risk their souls and their 'eternal life' in the bargain.

Fundamentalists are terrified of death because they're never sure they're good enough and that they won't for sure go to hell, so they'd rather err on the side of the fantastical than possible burn for eternity, however dumb and illogical that sounds.

Athiests, on the other hand, acknowledge there is no after life. You die. Period. You don't wake up the next day and go "wow, that was weird," or "good thing I went to heaven," because there's no waking up, no heaven and no deals to be made with any mythological figure who is always ready to pounce and punish, so let's just live on the planet and be nice to each other. If you have to believe in ghosts and nadirs, do so, just keep it to yourself and out of the political system.

If/When there's a 3rd world war, it will be because fundamentalists - and their spawn, the sorta-christians, have completely lost touch with all reality (this could happen at any second, as their hold on reality is so tenuous), become the terrified xenophobes they aspire to be and because, in their false, illogical terror, they've started shooting at anything to prevent the possibility that they die before they've convinced their nasty made-up playmate that they're good enough to go to the good place.

George Bush, his administration, his religion and his support staff are the worst scourge on the planet since Mussolini and Hitler. Worse, actually, becuase Bush is demonstrably stupid.

* WAR IS PEACE (we're brining in a era of peace for the Iraqi people)
* FREEDOM IS SLAVERY (without god.... (insert crap here)
* IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH (focus on the task at hand. Don't question your gov't).

Apply that to the situation and the realities in the US right now - today! SCARY, hey???


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