Monday, November 13, 2006

A couple more...

Well isn't that just so convenient for Mr. Rumsfeld to "resign" if that's what it's called when the President directs you to do it....

Good timing though; apparently there's some huge report coming out in the near term. I hear this report is going to discuss the NON EXISTENT WMDS and may allude to WHY THE HELL WAS THE US IN IRAQ WHEN THE SO-CALLED PROBLEM WAS bin LADIN.

And what's up with Halliburton? How does a defense company become powerful enough to direct the actions - override the generals - of the US military??? And how come the defense contracts Haliburton has were never tendered to any other company - oh, maybe because Mr. Rumsfeld - past board of directors didn't want it to be so!? INVESTIGATE? Nope. The agency that would have investigated this mess was shut down by the current US administration.

Oh, hey, what about those voting machines? No records and no open source code? The company that made the machines refuses categorically to make any part of the source code available. Makes one wonder what they're hiding. How easy are those machines to manipulate? How many of the votes entered were the votes counted? I guess it's good that the investigation organisation isn't around to have a look at these machines either.

What a mess.

I think Mr. Rumsfeld might shortly either come under some deserved scrutiny or will quite disappear. I'm also fairly sure that whatever scrutiny he might be subjected to will be quite readily deflected and that, regardless of the so-called President's move to remove Mr. Rumsfeld, he will protect the deposed one to cover his lying ass.

On the subject of politicans too close to the US "president," I note with interest that the Canadian PM has had little to say about much recently but did a very nice job with a diversionary spectacle by his utter about-face on income trust taxation.

Very nice! that little reversal certainly protected him from any questioning on the issue of the US Administration, his very close ties to it, and his own potential loss of face.

Very shortly, and probably before the next US elections, the current admnistration is going to come under some spectacular scrutiny. Man, for us Canadians, it's going to be a RIOT watching the "leaders of the free world" go under the Free World's microscope!

At least the US president is funny - in nutty, needs meds way; at least it takes the edge off the "He's screwing with so many economies that we're all going to need about 50 years to recover. Oh and he apparently doesn't like his dad either. What a guy.

'Kay. I'm done for now.

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