Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bombs and when they bomb

So it looks like the last ditch effort to make Mr. Blair popular again with his countrymen has bombed....

The so-called planned terrorist attacks on 10 commercial airliners was just that: planned. But planned to highten the prime-minister's very sagging popularity there, as he is living in GWBush's other back pocket - along with Stephen Harper. What a bloody weird party that all is.

So out he will go, leaving the airline industry very affected, the adjunct services losing massive amounts of revenue and with his head hung low and his tail between his legs.

Now people, if you actually believe that there was any threat at all, you are being played. There was no real threat. The only threat that exists is to people who's skin is brown and who's ethnicity is Pakistani (even if they're third generation Brits). Those people are being used as pawns in the war to create the 'coalition of the willing' in Britain, as it has been created in the US via the 'attacks' on the towers. Fortunately, Mr. Blair is quite clued in and he knows that such a large scale attack as that on the towers would never have the same effect with the British public. That's why such a thing never happened there. He may be unpopular but he knows his people. It's a damned shame that he's been so poorly played by the US government.

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