Thursday, August 10, 2006

Flame Wars

Re: I Am Canadian

This posting by Neil Osborne has generated a ton of mail, all of it, with the exception of one letter, positive and suportive, although not always in complete agreement.

I hope I speak for Neil when I say thanks for reading and thanks for your comments.

On the note of the one negative e-mail we received, we chose not to post the comments becuase they indicated the writer had not read Neil's letter but was intent on making personal attacks toward both Neil and myself.

Sadly, this writer continued his slagging today and has upped his personal attacks to a level that is unacceptable and so has been blocked from posting any comments at all.

The writer of these comments accuses me of not supporting free speech because his comments are not posted here. To clarify, I support anyone's right to speak freely. However, as writer and moderator of this blog, I also have the right to decide what goes and what does not go on here.

As I know this person personally, and have for several years, I felt very strongly that the writer was seriously damaging his own repuation via these comments, which show not only an intellectual naivete, but also a grave misunderstanding of world events, and an unrestrained anger about opinions that differ from his. Interestingly enough, said writer directed me to read a website, Little Green Footballs, which content seems at odds with the writer's opinions.

The writer also made statements that, in addition to behing highly and unnecessarily insulting, bordered on Libelous.

I am sorry about not putting these comments on the blog but neither of us really saw the point. The writer seems to be seeking some sort of weird fight with us/me/Neil and neither of us wishes to engage.

Brilliant people do not insult those they consider adversaries... Brillant people seek to learn. Others engage in wars.

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