Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fake News; Fake Terrorists

What do you get when you blend a puppet president with a whey-mouthed prime minister and an illegal war and to countries full of people opposed to said war?

You get fake news and fake terrorists.

23 people arrested. No names released

11 remaining, still no names released

"some type of liquid" unnamed

Total Chaos designed to entice the British public; result? Devastation to services adjunct to the airline and travel industries... note the relatively quick correction to what's now allowed on board.

It's fake people. Mr. Bush and his gang of terrorists are skilled (man I hate to say that) at coercing you, Joe Public, into believing there is rampant terrorism going on or being planned.

Mr. Bush is hell-bent on keeping the war alive - although it is weird how it has shifted to people and places that have nothing to do with the original story line -how did Pakistan get wound up in this?

And now Mr. Blair has finally got a full-fledged set of marrionnett strings as a gift from Mr. Bush.

People, you're being lied to in order to create more buy-in for the illegal war for oil in the middle east.



  1. Hello,

    Interesting Blog,

    Have you read this website?


  2. Yes, I've read the website. Expectably and predictably, two or three themes emerge: 1. Conspiracists are disorganised and crazy; 2. crazy people should not be listened to; 3. US citizens do not question or criticise their government because, if they do, they will be labeled crazy, conspiracist, unpatriotic or anti-US. See the Dixie Chicks for reference.

    The vast majority of people who question the events of 9/11 will never speak out because they do not wish to be tarred. Having said that, some 43% of the US public is skeptical about the events - 43% who have dared to question.

    It is certainly possible that the US government had then and has now an adgenda. There is much published information supporting that possibility - probability, in my opinion.

    Politics is marketing on a grand scale. Particularaly with the US, which makes astounding claims of being the leader of the free world, maintaining that market share is critical.

    I am Canadian and I will tell you that the US is not a leader in my country. The US government is greatly distrusted here and we don't give a damn if we're cast as unpatriotic. The US government rules by manipulation, coercion and fear - and occasionally, with death and destruction - on its own soil, and with war everywhere else it touches.

    The US government uses masterful marketing but good marketing does not mean good leadership - or any leadership; it simply means that they have the floor until something better comes along. That can't happen soon enough.

    The proof of this is the mindless patriotism displayed by US citizens and the angry response those citizens show to anyone who questions. Compare this to cults, because that is exactly what the US government is.

  3. Hey writerwriter,

    I do agree that the American gov't is not perfect but I think that your missing the point and the facts that 9/11 was a terrible event and I don't think your 43% figure is true.

    I do feel bad for the American citizen living in fear and would never wish anything bad on them. They are still human beings and I know its tough to love our enemies.

    I think there is change happening in the US just by the fact that some of them are coming to Canada.

    I think you need to watch some footage of the crashes over again, and people jumping off buildings.....that is proof enough for me and most people.

    Take care,

    Anonymous 2


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