Monday, July 17, 2006

Harper's BIZARRE!

Ok, so someone explain to me how it is that Israel isn't a terrorist state? And someone please explain to me why our white-bread, porridge face Prime Minister has nothing to say about Israel bombing the hell out of whomever they please, whenever they please.

And also, can someone please explain to me why people don't get it that they are visitors on this planet? Nobody owns any piece of land in any real way and if people who fight and kill each other still don't get it that fighting and killing each other for 1000s of years solves precisely ZERO things, there will never, ever be peace on this planet.

It makes me so completely sick to my stomach that our senior politician is so spineless that he will not condemn the actions of Israel or any other country that slaughters people for any reason. I would love to know who he and the US President are so afraid of that they have such oily mouths when they speak about these issues.

There will be no peace on this planet until people in power speak up and very publicly and loudly speak out against war, genocide, planned starvation, purposeful perpetuation of major health crises - AIDS for example - and any number of other politically motivated atrocities.


Mr. Harper, you are a disgrace to your country and to the world.

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