Sunday, April 16, 2006

War. What's it good for?

And, we’d like to know why…

…The US Government is planning on spending multi-billions of dollars refurbishing its stockpile of nuclear (That’s NU-CLE-AR, Mr. President) weapons and why the US for some reason has the only UN sanctioned stockpile of nuclear warheads. We’d also like to know how more warheads equal less probability of testing said warheads…. According to Ambassador Linton F. Brooks,

The RRW warheads would create a "reduced chance we will ever need to resort to nuclear testing." In addition, he said, "Once we demonstrate we can produce warheads on a time scale in which geopolitical threats could emerge, we would no longer need to retain extra warheads to hedge against unexpected geopolitical changes."

We’d also like to know why the US government acknowledges the very poor state of US schools, and why it does nothing about the low quality education the majority of its citizens receive.

Wait! If the US spends next to nothing on education, and some money convincing its poorly educated population that they’re under siege, then nobody will question the need for spending billions of dollars on technology that cannot be used short of annihilating the whole world, US included. That doesn’t answer the question of why the US gets to make all these rules that apply to everyone but the US.

Could it be true, the statement on the front of MacLean’s Magazine, currently on newsstands: “Worst President in the last 100 years?”

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