Sunday, April 16, 2006


Wow…. Lots of fun craziness going on in the world today.

Since Michael Baigent and Dan Brown have had their very public little scrap settled, there have been lots and lots of interesting programs and articles in the news. Congratulations to both those guys for really effectively using every possible facet of the media to publicise their various properties, The Da Vinci Code (book and film) and Holy Blood and the Holy Grail and The Jesus Papers.

Both books are great reads and really fun as they have so managed to piss off the Catholic Church, which has now spent untold amounts of time and money trying to discredit both Brown and Baigent.

Today in the local paper, there’s an article on a website called, where people can dress up “Jesus” in all sorts of funny clothing. Earlier this week there was a PBS program on a guy who does facial reconstruction and who had a skull dating from the time and coming from the area where Jesus would have come from.

It seems that Christians all over the world are highly offended by the dress up site but not in the least bothered that Christ’s looks have been utterly misrepresented for ever and ever, amen.

The facial reconstruction guy’s model is of a dark-skinned, curly, dark-haired guy – pretty much a guy who looks like most guys that come from that area of the Middle East. The mock-up guy was decidedly NOT blond and blue-eyed. So now the Christians are bothered by having holes poked in their theory of the white Christ. Why doesn’t it cross their minds that it is highly unlikely that their medieval Christ cannot possibly bear any resemblance to the real McCoy?

Here’s another question: the bible, if it can be believed at all, says that Christ had brothers and sisters. There cannot be any question that Mary, his mother, and Joseph, his father, had families – parents and siblings. So why do Christians get all bent when anyone suggests that there are many living people who have blood ties to both those families? It is illogical to believe otherwise. There cannot be any question that Christ’s bloodlines continue to this day.

Other stuff:
- “Virgin Birth” does not mean the woman’s a virgin; it means she has had her first child. See this Wikipedia reference for more, interesting, information
- It is very unlikely that Christ said “I AM the son of God.” It probable, as he was leading a rebellion against Rome, that he said “I am A son of God,” considering the rest of the message was “Join me.”
- The Catholic Church is totally freaked out by those who want to put an end to suppression of the truth, suppression of women and support and promotion of anti-Semitism. If Dan Brown and Michael Baignet’s books are garbage like the Catholic Church says, why is the church so hell-bent on disproving the stuff? Great letters at

How weird is it that Christians put up statues and drawings and paintings of a man being brutally tortured and then tell they tell their little children to pray to that thing, all the while exhorting people not to pray to graven images. It is so wacked!

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