Sunday, March 19, 2006

Nasty Business

It is as I suspected:
White guys are verifiably weird!!

Today’s Calgary Herald carried an article about sexual predators and paedophilia and people – men – who collect and distribute child porn and made some comments about how those two things are related. Intimately, as it turns out.

If you’re sensitive, skip this part: I’ve often said to my girls that white guys are weird. As it turns out, if the statistics quoted in said article are to be believed, it would seem that white guys, particularly those over the age of 25 are indeed weird. (We’re white, by the way, but please see my article on the term ‘race’ before you race to any conclusions)

A study by the US National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children looked at 1713 people charged with possessing child pornography in the US between July1 2000 and July1 2001. This is what the typical child porn possessor ‘looks’ like:
  • Almost all were male
  • 91% are white
  • 41% had never married!
  • A further 21% were divorced, separated or widowed
  • 86% are older than 25 years
  • Only 3% were under 18
  • 40% are dual offenders, meaning that they had also victimized children
  • Another 15% had tried to victimize a child but hadn’t necessarily succeeded
  • 73% were employed full time
  • 89% had not been diagnosed with a mental illness
  • 56% have a criminal record and of those, 24% have a record for sexual assault
  • 91% were viewing child porn on their home computers.
More on this here: Missing
And Here: Equal Parenting

What does all this mean? Well, that nice daddy down the street – the white guy who’s so computer literate? Yah, he’s a prime candidate.

So does viewing and possessing kiddy porn predispose a man (and the occasional woman) to violating a child? This link hasn’t been established as of yet, but 45% of those charged with possessing such material also had a record of molestation and that figure is considered conservative.

When I as at school for behavioural sciences, I ran into some research and stats on the predominance of white men implicated in sexual crimes: nearly all those engaged in incest are white as are nearly all paedophiles; a high percentage of men charged with rape are white too.

So guys; what gives? Why are white guys so weird??? Why are white men so likely to rape and molest? Is it genetic? Is it the food they eat or the education they get - or the lack thereof? What’s the scoop? Why is it that the very people who have the world by the tail – white guys – are so fucking weird?

To quote Arsenio Hall, this is one of those “Things that make you go ‘Hmmmm…’”.

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