Saturday, January 14, 2006

What's the New Pope Up To?

Interesting article in the local news today, reprinted from TheTelegraph from Rome.

According to the article, the Serengeti sunglass-loving, Prada shoe-wearing, new Pope loves to dress up in fur-lined things and disguises. According to Smirking Chimp, "
Even the 78-year-old Pope's normal reading glasses have been identified as Cartier's demi-lune Santos model. "Hmmm.....

Same Pope has been spotted three times in the last few weeks disguised as a priest and sneaking back to his private digs outside the Vatican walls, accompanied by his "One other smart and stylish accessory, his gorgeous [and very young] private secretary, Don Georg Gaenswein", who goes in with him and spends two hours or so hanging out. (photo from Papa Benedetto XVI, site in Italian).

I dunno man, but the last time I checked, guys who wear disguises, fur, Cartier and Prada, and sneak about late at night with other men, are usually up to stuff they're not exactly willing to make public.

It doesn't sound like bible study to me.

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