Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Bad, Bad English
This page is a collection of Bad English and poor grammar collected from mostly Canadian media sources. There's more at "Sunday, September 25th, 2005."
From a wire piece that ran in the Calgary Herald: "... a car that had went into the ditch...".

Oh seriously!!! Actually, either "...a car that went into the ditch..." or "... a car that had gone into the ditch...". "Had Went?" Please!

Of the same genre of error: "... I seen..."

Nope. Never. "I saw" or "I have seen." Never, "I seen." Never!

From numerous CBC radio personalities:
"What we're talking about here are issues...".

Nope. Not "are" because the "are" is referring to the "what," not the "issues."

The correct form: "What we're talking about is issues...".

"There's many," or "there's 14 of them."
Nope. "Many" and "14 of them" refer to more than one of something. "There are" many, or 14 of them. There is (or there's) one of them.

Alternatively, however, "There is a lot of them," because a lot is an entity. Like when you're at an auction and the auctioneer says "The starting price for this lot...". He/she is talking about a lot; one lot of something.

You also have to say "There are (there're) lots of them," because now you're referring to several lots, not just one.

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