Friday, December 30, 2005

December 30 Rant

What is up with spitting?

I just wanna know what the deal is with spitting?

Is it sexy? No. I so don’t want to be kissing someone, or having them kiss me, after they’ve horked up a wad of green goo

Is it healthy? No, it is disgusting and leaves some idiot’s germs all over the street for the rest of us to walk in.

Does it help the environment? Yeah, if you’re a microbe!

So here’s a clue for all you spitters out there. Everyone who sees you do it is feeling their own bile come up. We’d all like to barf on your feet, but we are too well-mannered to play on your dirty field.


No, you don’t look cool. You’re a pig.


Now stop it!

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