Sunday, October 30, 2005

Stupid Adults: Rise of the Skeletons

Out of the mouths of babes cometh the truth everyone knows and all run from.

When people say "Tight-knit family," are they referring to the web of lies that some 'families' use to bind themselves together?

Since when is "parent" synonymous with "perfect" or "never failing"?

Do people actually believe their teen aged children spend ANY time worrying about whether their activities might be concerning to their parents? Good grief? Is there something that turns off in a parent's brain that prevents that parent from remembering anything about their teen years?

Who, exactly, do these parents think they're fooling? Certainly not their kids!

Here is an excellent quote from a thinking parent, who probably makes the usual/occasional mistake, but who also probably isn't under an illusions that he/she has the whole parenting thing down to any semblance of science:

"I have a very basic approach to parenting. Unlike many of my other thoughts about life, it is neither deep nor compelling. The only redeeming factor of my approach is that is has, until now, kept my kids alive (knock on wood). The whole idea is basically this: don't do anything that would make you embarrassed if it showed up on the eleven o'clock news. You know what I mean. There are people to whom unfortunate things have happened and there are people whose misfortune has been at least partly the result of their own stupidity. While their misfortune is sad, you can't help but say "What were they thinking?"

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