Saturday, October 29, 2005

Sins of Omission!

Last night, Canada's most EXCELLENT band, 54-40, opened for the Stones in Calgary.

54.40 is Canada's premiere band. Their 25 year history of music making has contributed an extensive catalog of hits and their unmistakeable sound cannot be ignored.

Congratluations to the Stones on their perfect choice of 54.40 as stage-mates for this one and only stop in Calgary.

I'm assuming that the Stones' PR machine has a huge amount of influence over what gets to press when they do a show, so sadly, there was hardly a mention of 54-40 in the Calgary media, except for, and kudos to, The Calgary Herald's Swerve Magazine.

Ron Wood spent last Tuesday evening (October 25th 2005) hanging out at 54-40's gig at Banff's Wild Bill's Saloon. The man has obvious good taste in music.

Think you haven't heard of 54.40? Well, yes you have. Hootie and the Blowfish covered 54.40's hit, I Go Blind from 54.40's 1985 Green Album.

I Go Blind was played on the TV series, Friends, and was the most-played tune in the U.S. in 1997.

54.40's music has been all over radio for 25 years. You may not know the names, but you know the music. One Gun, She-La, One Day, Since When, Crossing A Canyon.... you know them and you love them. Look 'em up, have a listen and take pride.

Congratulations, 54.40. Awesome forever.

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