Sunday, October 23, 2005

The BIKE Paths

Um, ah, does the word "BIKE" in "Bike Path" not mean anything to people who walk?

Today, we were out biking on the BIKE paths, on a lovely, 20 degree fall day, when, what do we encounter but people walking -- three and four abreast -- on the BIKE path, oblivious to the WALKING path not five feet away.

Further on, we encountered a group of about 8 people spread out all over the path, walking their off-leash dogs and tossing balls down the surface of the BIKE path. Jase nearly took a dog out and would have seriously hurt it, and himself, had he not been able to brake in time.

The owner of said dog was rude and unrepentant (which I took as immense guilt) when I yelled at her to get her dog off the path and onto a leash. She called me some unpleasant name, so I yelled back that it was people like her who ruined things for everyone and that she was bloody irresponsible. I'm pretty sure, given her smug face, that she didn't agree but I'm also pretty sure she would have had a whole bunch to say had Jase actually hit her dog. She must have had an "I-get-to-ignore-the-NO DOGS sign-directly-to-my-left" card.

If it says BIKE path and there are signs with a red line through the image of a dog, it means the path is for bikes, not walkers or dogs.

I hope this clears things up.

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