Sunday, September 25, 2005

Alex's Stuff

Just wanted to add a short plug for my daughter, Alex, who is a damn fine artist.

The tatoos in these photos were done for - and on - our friend, Zac. They're done in henna, otherwise known, for this process anyway, as mendhi.

Alex has some art training. As part of Calgary's public school system, she's been exposed since kindergarten. She was very fortunate to have Mr. J at Elboya Junior High as her teacher for grades 7 - 9.

In 10th grade, Alex made a name for herself when she challenged the 'art teacher' at her new high school. A project was assigned to the class, but that project had very specific parameters. Alex contested that the parameters made the project an excersise in doing as told as opposed to a project that invited interpretation.

She did what she wanted to do with the project, convinced the instructor and changed his ideas about what art is in the sense of interpretation of ideas.

In 11th and 12th grades, Alex was again very fortunate to have Miss Rideout as her instructor. Alex's talent really began emerging in 10th grade but in the next two years, she has created several works that show the beginnings of a bonafide talent across mediums.

I'll have more stuff on here about Alex soon. Alex is in England at the moment. She's with Andrea, and will be joined next week by her cousin, Esti. In November, Hanna, the last quarter of the quartet will join them right before they head off to the continent and other places.

Their website is in the links to the right of this post.

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