Saturday, March 17, 2012

Every once in a while...

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I miss my dad. Maybe it is more accurate to say I miss the dad I wish I'd had - not that the man who was my dad wasn't a great man; he just had his weak points, like how stubborn he was... but then, the apple didn't fall very far in my case.

I remember once we had this weird little argument about writing by hand versus writing on the computer. I said I enjoyed writing things by hand: I find it more creative because it gives me a better, literally direct connection with what I'm thinking.

He disagreed with me and hauled out his always-annoying preamble, "You should," in this case followed by, "learn to type because it is way faster and allows you to write as fast as you think."He totally missed the point about the connection to the writing and the value of slowing down and joining brain to page by hand....

So today, almost nine years since my dad died, I came across this article on writing by hand. It's good. Click here to read it.

So frustrating to come across this and not be able to forward it on.