Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mormonism... too stupid for words

Where to start?

An 18 year-old kid, who was - according to his own mother - a liar of epic proportions and probably a psycopath, decides one day he needs some attention, so takes off into the woods, comes back with a (highly ridiculous) story, which he feeds to the (highly uneducated and religious) people in his community. They buy it - except for a couple - and voila, mormonism.

It is, at closer look, a mishmash of that other cult, christianity with some masonic crap thrown in for good measure. If you can get past the magic underwear all baptised mormons wear, the planets full of virgins you (if you're male) inherit when you die, the "living prophet" (the actual real spelling being "profit") who never ever ever prononces a word of truth; the "no black people allowed... oh.. wait... ok no black people allowed to hold office,"  ... oh wait... "black people allowed because the governent says we have to let them in and OH hey! they're not marginalised in the US anymore and they have money so Cmon IN!" ... if you can get past all that crap and loads more, perhaps this will give you pause.

Last weekend, at the new and previously (for a weekend) open to the non-mormon public, a woman was stricken with a health crisis that required the attendance of this city's EMS, who certainly arrived within their seven minute window. They were, however, prevented from entering. Why?

Not mormons.

Inside, a woman was ill enough that she required an ambulance but the mormons will not, no matter how sick you are, allow the hell-bound rest of us inside those walls. Period.

What they did was call a doctor - a mormon - wait on that person and with his/her help and the passage of much more time, get this woman out the door and into the hands of qualified medical professionals who were sat there waiting.

I have since heard from one source (a person within the mormon enclave) the woman died. I heard, however, from another source she was transported to hospital and was alive.

Please note here this singular detail: this mormon woman was prevented from accessing the care she needed. She was not, however refused it by EMS despite their certainly holding different (probably no) religions from hers. When she arrived at the hospital, she was NOT prevented entry by the certainly other-religioned triage staff, nursing and other staff.

Do you get my point?

I am disgusted beyond words that this organisation would sacrifice a person in deference to ridiculous, made up, demonstrably idiotic dogma rather than let EMS in the door.

I am also really sad the media currently in possession of this story is not pursuing it.

If the woman had died, in any other circumstances, those responsible for preventing EMS from acting on the call would be guilty of criminal negligence. But religion, as always, gets a free ride.

Whether children die or lives are put in jeopardy, the idiocy that is religion gets to smile, wave and walk away, regardless. 

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