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Large family of people convicted of murder: no body recovered....

The Planet
March 2012

More than 15 million members of a family have been convicted of murder in a shocking trial lasting almost 2000 years, and 6 million family members sentenced to death for the murder have been killed in gas chambers and by lethal injection.

The charges were laid more than 350 years after the alleged murder by the First Council of Nicaea, led by several men, including the so called "St. Niclaus," who currently works as Santa Claus in north America, where the case is currently located.

Despite the prosecution having moved forward with the death penalty for so many of those charged, no body has ever been recovered and there there is no substantiated evidence the deceased person, a 33 year-old male, existed at all. There are no eye-witness reports of his existence and no testimony was provided by anyone who ever lived with, knew or saw - or even was alive - at the time the alleged deceased was said to have lived.

No member of the alleged deceased victim's family has ever appeared as a witness. In fact, no family members have ever been discovered by the defence or the prosecution. Description of the alleged victim - a blond, blue-eyed, pale-skinned male - are inconsistent with descriptions of alleged family-members, who are described as "middle-eastern" and "Jewish" people with dark skins and black or dark-brown, curly hair.

Several 'witnesses' for the plaintiffs have been shown to be frauds, and the testimony of others has been rejected because they were either not alive at the time of the alleged murder or, if they were alive, had no first hand knowledge of the events either due to being infants or to having heard about the alleged events third-hand many years after the alleged events.

Corroborating evidence was presented by four men but was rejected, as the evidence is highly contradictory and lacking corroboration and substantiation by any other witness. Two of these witnesses do not report the alleged victim's birth and the two that do provided no substantiation, documentation or proof of any sort.

Beyond that, none of the four witnesses was a contemporary of the alleged deceased, each having lived long after the time of the alleged murder, respectively 65, 150, 220 and 350 years after the alleged murder.No record of birth has been discovered for the alleged victim or for any alleged family members - mother or father or siblings, despite the alleged existence of material - an alleged death-shroud - that might provide DNA.

In fact, the current owners of the shroud have refused to produce the item or to have it tested. The item was never entered into evidence and the source of potential evidence has, itself, been proven a fraud. Suggestions that the alleged victim is was not human so was able to "rise into the heavens" following the murder, have been proven impossible by biologists.

Certain disputed documents suggesting the alleged victim's mother was human and the father "supernatural" have also been disproved by biologists as the alleged victim was male. A 'human'  with only a female human parent would necessarily be female, the realities of biology and genes having been taken into account.

The alleged site of the murder has never been discovered and no eye-witnesses to the murder have ever come forward, nor did any of those reported to be present at the alleged scene, report or corroborate having been at the event. Experts say the total lack of corroboration by any of the several hundred witnesses alleged to have been present at the murder is strong evidence that the murder never happened and indeed the so-called victim did not exist.

Despite a complete lack of any evidence for the person in question or for the murder, and despite the passage of nearly 2000 years, more than 15 million people stand convicted still, for a murder, according to experts from around the globe, did not and could not have happened.

The prosecution in this case represents an equally-large number of plaintiffs who have categorically refused to accept there is utterly no evidence on which to proceed but who have, for nearly two centuries, refused to accept the facts and to withdraw their case and who continue to call for the deaths of the remaining charged family members.

Frustratingly, although there have been many competent judges sitting the case, and many, many experts have been called to testify, the prosecution refuses to accept admitted evidence, verified and corroborated historical documents, or the corroborated and substantiated evidence of mass fraud and has, on many occasions, fired and carried out death sentences against sitting judges.

In order to yet prolong the proceedings, the prosecution has developed a system of producing witnesses from the relatively new field of "apologetics," which was developed in the last century. None of the members of this field suggest they were present at the time of the alleged events but they say, regardless, their role and goal is to rehash already-discounted 'evidence' until such time as the defence accepts it. The prosecution and its witnesses, the apologists, staunchly and loudly support life-long incarceration and after-life torture for all participants in the defence.

The case continues with no end in sight.

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